Here are our font examples

Here is an example of the fonts we can produce on most items.

Some items will not have a choice of Fonts (such as picture frames etc) and some items can only be re-produced in certain fonts i.e. Favor boxes can only be Hot Foiled in Universal.

All of this along with the text you want prodcued will be discussed once you have placed an order and one of our staff has contacted you.

Arial Arial
Bernie Bernie
Bradley Hand Bradley Hand
Black Chancery Black Chancery
Brock Brock
Brush Script Brush Script
Comic Sans Comic Sans
Edwardian Script Edwardian
Enlgish 157 English 157
Hand Writing Hand Writing
Harrington Harrington
Lucia Calligraphy Lucia Calligraphy
Matura MT Matura MT
Montype Corsiva Monotype Corsiva
Old English Text Old English
Precious Precious
Scriptina Scriptina
Vivaldi Vivaldi